The Obama Blame & Shame Tax Game

20 Sep

King Evil “Let the Rich & Poor Eat Cake”

We are in a financial crisis that is spiraling out of control due primarily to Obama and his administration’s ineptitude and theft of our national treasury.

The fine print of Obama’s job bill is a monumental, socialist disaster for our country because it is loaded with pure, draconian, socialist regulations and massive trillion dollar economy-wrecking spending, plus more unnecessary expansion of Government Departments and czarships.

First it turns the unemployed into a protected class similar to ethnic minorities. So if you apply for a job and you think that the reason you didn’t get hired is because you were unemployed at the time, you are now in a protected class and can sue the employer for not hiring you! Welcome to Socialist Obamaville – that little clause alone is going to make employers run right out and start hiring!

There is also a clause that undermines the 11th Amendment by saying that any state that accepts any federal money under its auspices automatically waives its right to sovereign immunity. You accept $1 of federal money for any program in your state, you’ve waived your right not to be sued for not hiring somebody because they’re unemployed. This whole concept of Obama’s job bill has been formulated by radical, left-wing communists ( liberal Democrats ) who are determined to destroy this country.

In Obama’s UN-American Jobs Act, he is proposing a whole new group of commie czars ( remember Van Jones ) as a part of his “jobs” act called the American Infrastructure Financing Authority (AIFA). Obama hopes few legislators or American citizens will actually read the noxious, economy wrecking details buried within the 199 pages of his proposed UN-American Jobs Act that will not only establish a whole new group of czar-ships but just how expensive ( in the trillions ) Obama’s AIFA is going to cost the American tax payer.

Has no one told Stupid-In-Chief that the country is already broke due to this type of reckless spending or is this spending intended all along to collapse the government by using these last minute fixes as a disguise for his real Marxist agenda – sabotage the federal government. David Walker, former U.S. Comptroller General, said: ”If you enacted all of Obama’s jobs proposals, you would be significantly worse off by 2021 than if the Congress and the president just went on a 10-year vacation and did nothing.” .

Washington insiders know that there are two sides to Obama. There is his public face. That is the one that makes captivating speeches filled with unfulfilled promises and tells voters, Congress, etc. what they want to hear but are just carefully worded lies!

Then there is the Obama, the socialist/Marxist, who has placed his socialist czars into key departments and agencies to enforce and implement Obama’s socialist regulations and follow Obama’s socialist agenda that does not have voter or congressional approval. King Obama, like other notorious dictators, is ruling from within the government by ignoring the Constitution and existing laws.

Thus we have a socialist/Marxist president who was voted into office based primarily on just his “American Idol” like image combined with a gift for public speaking that only tempts the poor, the needy, the sycophants, the uninformed with promises of great things to come that are just empty, feel-good, political promises, tricks and gimmicks. On the other hand there is no mention by Obama of the socialist programs and regulations hidden in his new communist manifesto Jobs Act.

Voters back in 2008 simply ignored the glaring facts that Obama had no prior leadership skills or business experience, ignored his pro socialist/communist training and beliefs. Now the country is paying dearly for their decision to make him president.

What Obama voters got in the last election was not what they expected. What they got was an inept President that has to rely on other inept liberals he appointed to his economic team to solve the current crisis that other inept liberals in his administration are responsible for creating. Remember Obama’s last jobs stimulus bill drove unemployment from below 8% up over 10% and it’s over 9% now.

Obama the Great emphatically assured us that if Congress does not pass his new Jobs Bill, unemployment might go as high, he said, as 8.5%. Wow that is a peculiar threat!! Apparently Obama is unaware that the real unemployment number is currently 9%. Any errors he might have made with unemployment numbers will be blamed on his ever present Tell-A-Lie-Prompter.

Americans have lost jobs, their homes, their savings, their hope of recovering due to Obama’s administration reckless and irresponsible socialist programs and squandering of your tax money on bogus jobs bail out programs, on billion dollar grants to environmental businesses that have failed.

Obama does not have any original economic or jobs plan of his own. He is the messenger. He has no experience to tell him how to solve anything that has to do with a economic recession or high unemployment. He must rely on other know nothing, uninformed academia liberals he appointed to his economic team. What they told him was based on 1936 Keynesian theories to get the country out of this current economic mess.

The theory behind the theory is based, in part, on the belief that government should spend (invest) large sums ( stimulus ) of your tax money on big infrastructure/environmental projects ( deficit spending ) to create jobs and thus revive the general economy.

That probably isn’t what you thought you were getting when you voting for Obama. A President skilled in making speeches that made him look smart but in reality he does not have a ounce of knowledge about running the Government or solving serious economic problems. Obama voters were promised Hope and Change but all you got was Hopelessness and zero Change.

The problem is that the few jobs created by Obama’s economic team were only temporary, and if the economy doesn’t respond as intended, the country then goes back to the same unemployment problems but with a bigger increase in the national debt.

I believe that Obama’s double-down bet of a new jobs bill by the Democrats has little to no chance of working as unemployment numbers and housing values remains unchanged in many large cities as a result of his first money wasting jobs stimulus bill. Obama is right on one thing only, something drastic has to be done but his job bill is certainly not the answer!

In addition to those problems, Obama proposes in his so called ‘jobs stimulus bill’ an extension of the “payroll tax” cuts. This is even a worse idea than spending on infrastructure/environmental programs because, for one, these cuts only apply to Social Security and Medicare and these two programs are on the brink of bankruptcy already. Any cuts here would speed up the problems associated with these two programs.

Second, what little money workers would receive from these cuts would be spent on food and gasoline, not on personal, non-essential items at a department store. Regardless the whole concept of pay-roll tax cuts is not an overpowering incentive for any corporation or small businesses to start hiring more workers.

This portion of Obama’s jobs plan is the idea of someone who has no experience in what drives businesses to hire new workers. It is a total worthless, unimaginative concept. It is just another liberal do nothing, empty promise and if this is any example of what the Democrats and Obama have come up with in 3 years then the country is in real trouble as long as Obama remains President – he needs to resign now!

Remember, Obama delayed giving this important job speech because he was on one of his many luxury vacations. What President of any corporation or business faced with this massive problem would waste that much time and delay in making an important announcement except someone who does not what the hell he is doing.

In short, the Democrats and Obama have robbed you the tax payers blind while wasting billions of your tax money on experimental green jobs and now Obama wants even more of your hard earned money to save his own personal political career which I feel, hopefully, is over soon anyway.

He has already wrecked our economy. Now he is attempting in recent speeches to blame and shame the same uninformed voters that voted him into office to pay even more taxes for the catastrophic mistakes of this administration. You have heard the new Obama mantra, pay your “fair share” !

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